Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seven Reasons You Should Not Opt For An HDC House

Believe it or not the prospect of receiving a subsidized home from the government is not blessing but rather a curse. Here’s why:

1. Poor Quality Homes Built
Homes actually built are often riddled with defects and poor workmanship which new home owners must endure. New homeowners are also not allowed to perform extensive renovations on the home and must rely on the HDC to conduct major repairs or alterations. Alternatively you are given a low quality home to start off with that would most certainly require extensive remedial work at your expense.  

This occurs because the HDC has been co-opted as a way to award major contracts to financiers and reward party faithful consequently the best contractors are not hired to do construction work and there is no oversight or discipline during the construction process.

2. Limited Property Rights – You get what you pay for

Property rights are a feature of any asset or economic good. These goods or assets are supposed to offer a bundle or rights: 

1.      the right to use the good

2.      the right to earn income from the good

3.      the right to transfer the good to others

4.      the right to enforcement of property rights.

Under HDC’s terms and conditions at least two of the four rights are limited or non-existent. Successful applicants cannot earn an income from the property, and in the short to medium term they cannot transfer the asset to someone others. These are key and fundamental reasons for property ownership which are not provided to the successful applicant.

3. Location, Location, Location

Persons from the political Inner circle and party faithful and get most of the HDC homes in the more desirable areas. The general population is largely subjected to inconvenient very remote locations that offer limited accessibility to applicants and their families. These inconveniences which take the form of additional, traveling time, money and dislocation further diminish the appeal of an HDC home.  

4. HDC Houses Typical Used As a Political Carrot On A Stick

HDC is used as a political tool to manipulate and entice applicants to vote in certain direction. Don’t allow yourself and your family to be used as a political pawn for politicians. At typical tactic is for the HDC to send out letters before elections reminding applicants that their “applications are still under consideration”. This is a dishonest tactic to dangle a hand out in front of applicants to steer them in a certain politcal direction.
5. Disincentivizes Applicants From Seeking A Private Home For Themselves.

The fleeting illusion of a house from the government has the adverse effect of paralyzing applicants from engaging in activities that could lead to their own individual success. A dependency syndrome is therefore created and; attitudes and behaviours of self-reliance are destroyed. Whatever weakness that may have challenged the applicants is thereby made  even worse.  Why save and sacrifice when I can get a subsidized home for the government? This is not a castigation of HDC applicant but rather rational human decision making in action.

6. Denies Applicants the Opportunity to Strive and Achieve For Themselves

The greatest tragedy of all is that this system limits human endeavour and achievement and denies the individual the fulfilment derived from striving individually or as a family for a major goal. Moreover the skills and life experiences of the process of engaging in this endeavour is forever denied to not only the applicant but also to the children of the applicant. This child is not afforded the opportunity to observe the relationship with hard work and reward in a major way.

7. Poor Customer Services and Treatment Meted Out to Applicants

Applicants must subject themselves regularly to hours of less than humane treatment at the hands of demotivated public servants with no interest in serving customers. The process ultimately saps the dignity of the applicant and deprives them of valuable time they would have allocated elsewhere more productively.

You can do it!

The purpose of this article is not to condemn applicants but rather to encourage those still awaiting a house from the HDC. Don't sit around waiting on them you can save and sacrifice on your own. By starting off small,  being frugal and industrious you can secure your dream of homeownwership that provides real property rights for you and you children.

Ownership of your dream must always remain with you. And so does the obligation to make that dream come true. - Chris Hogan


  1. Some due to economic realities have no or worse options. Ksimon1223@gmail.com .

    1. Better options do exist despite what the mainstream tells you this is the first step to realizing the better options that are out there.

      The notion that you have no other choice but to rely on a government agency for housing is often propagated by politicians to encourage dependency on the state.

  2. Before you wrote this, did you even consider the average income and the average cost of a house? How is it creating dependency syndrome when you have to pay for the house? Number 3 makes little sense, even if you buy your house yourself it still isn't yours until you pay the entire balance to the bank.

    1. The common thread with all the challenges mentioned is that they all stem from gov't involvement in the economy. So essentially the govt breaks your leg (makes it tough to get a home) then gives you a defective crouch (HDC) that is not even structurally sound and brags about how much they've helped you on the political platform.........

      Prices increasing is also linked to the explosion of the money supply... which is caused by the Central Bank and economic crowding out.... hears some more reading


  3. You are very inconsiderate. Are you one of higher status?
    Have you thought about person's income and choices in purchasing homes?
    Guess not!!!
    Typical trini...

    1. Thanks for your comment. I remember I once thought also I would never be able to afford nothing but a HDC house but I altered my attitude and my approach and it has yielded much dividends.

      You clearly have been brainwashed to believe you can do nothing without gov't assistance..... the sooner you break this mentality the sooner you will begin to prosper.

      In fact as you would realise eventually the real reasons real estate is so expensive is actually because of government...... particularly the expansion of the $TT money supply the main driver of inflation.

      Good luck ....waiting for that elusive poorly constructed HDC house....

  4. Could you explain why the town houses at Adventure Estate Plymouth Tobago are at a market value of $1.1 million they are being constructed at a cost of $800,000.00 and are being offered at a sale price $400,000.00 which the THA says is a subsidised price of 50% of the contracted cost. And I am to understand that these houses are for the low income people??? How am I to afford a $400,000.00 town house at a salary for a clerical officer 1 of $4236.00 before taxes and savings????

    1. Might not be achievable right now but as long as you take steps to increase your income in the long run you will be able to purchase that or even better.

      A traditional office / clerical job may not be the path to success for you, you may have to consider creative ways of achieving financial success by thinking outside the box with a more entrepreneurial focus.

      But the worst thing you can do is adopt a victim / defeatist mentality believing things are hopeless, quite the contrary there remains a lot of opportunities in T&T.

  5. could you shed some light to these better options because i am young and a student my fiance is versatile construction worker and things are realy tough. What about persons like us that thought we had the assistance of our families and were disappointed. I have a baby on the way and things just seem to be getting worst all i am asking is a shelter what are the better ways for persons that even have it worst than us

    1. Hi there. I appreciate the sincerity of your question. I empathize with your circumstance however I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as insurmountable, you will be able to overcome them with a solid plan and focused, disciplined intensity.

      In the first instance I would recommend you get married (at low or no cost) -this provides much needed stability and increases the momentum of your efforts working together in the same direction.

      Second do a detailed monthly budget so that you can get the most out of your income.

      Third, formulate a plan to get out of any consumer debt you have or not take on any additional debt, this would include immediately cancelling your credit card.

      Once out of debt begin saving toward your home while scouring the classifieds and retail listings for available land for sale. Even if it takes you years to save up the required down payment, studying and following the real estate market in the meantime will make you a more informed buyer when the time is right. It can also grant you real leverage in the negotiation process when for example you track a listing that was sitting on the market for months or even years.

      Although purchasing an already built home is the preferred approach of many young home buyers because of the intimidating, onerous, bureaucratic regulatory system* and the poor professionalism and work ethic of contractors, deferred gratification and patience in opting to build a home generally affords substantially more value in the long run.

      Another avenue to speed up your journey which won't be easy is to explore opportunities to increase your household income by finding ways in which you or your soon to be husband can be paid for adding value to others. One thing for sure it won’t be a walk in the park but as with everything of significant value, it will require major effort and sacrifice, but once you follow the recipe you will succeed and it will be worth it!

      Best of luck.

      P.S. Please feel free if you have any additional questions.

  6. what suggestions do you have for a middle age single who can't afford a home on the open market?

    1. I would like to know this also since i am in the same boat.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Good question. Are single people even allowed to get a HDC house?

  8. My sister has gotten an hdc house with my brother. Together they do it as siblings. They are both single Hasan Khan

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