Friday, March 22, 2013

Reasons Why Government Corruption Persists

The very nature of government ensures corruption will remain a pervasive scourge on Trinidad and Tobago.

The political system essentially bestows inherent power upon politicians to disburse tax revenues at the discretion of the politician. They have the power to award and cancel contracts, give hand outs, approvals and special favours.

Government essentially a high priced auction.
Given this structure persons and businesses with an interest in benefiting from potential political favours from politicians essentially position themselves in the Political Auction House. The political favours therefore end up going to the highest bidders i.e. the persons with the deepest pockets. 

Consequently the wealthy or the business class are granted a significant advantage over the rest of society as they are able by virtue of their purchasing power to extract the greatest benefit from the politician. 

What makes this worse is that the auction house attendees bid for tax revenues offered by politicians that were extracted from the wider less affluent population. This phenomenon perpetuates a societal system by which the rich can get richer and the poor gets poorer. This occurs because the elite class can outbid average citizens in influencing and dictating the way  tax dollars are distributed throughout society.

What should be done therefore to mitigate this unpleasant reality? Shrink the power, scope and size of the state, thereby limiting the politician's ability to dole out favours and tax payer dollars at their discretion. A gradual move to a less centrally planned more free-market environment with smaller government, would lead to less corruption in the distribution tax dollars.

If the citizens of T&T think long and hard they'll realize in spite of what the state has led them to believe they pay more into the government coffers than the value they get out in terms of services & support rendered by the government.

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