Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seven Ways Engaging In Corruption Is Personally Detrimental

Corruption continues to persist and often times persons look on with feelings of jealousy or envy. However many times they or the corrupt persons don't consider the severe and adverse effects of engaging in such behaviour in the long run. 

Posed another way; what happens when people of low integrity are bestowed with significant sudden wealth by virtue of a cushy government contract or nefarious deals? It grossly exaggerates and magnifies their character traits, behaviour and the resulting consequences.

Here are some of the seeds being sown when one engages in skulduggery.

1. Moral Authority To Lead is Lost

The person is suddenly robbed of the credible moral authority needed to steward and lead others especially his children. He can therefore no longer advise, admonish or discipline his children (or employees) who may engage in immoral behaviour as he has no moral grounds to do so. His children therefore become compromised especially as they observe his corrupt behaviour. He may gain financially but slides closer to losing what should be his most precious treasures --his children / family who are now at a higher risk of becoming wayward. 

The irony of the whole arrangement is that the ability to guide is most needed as sudden wealth enters the household, as now family members have more options to engage in activities that are injurious e.g. alcohol, drugs, bad company. 

Supposed success grows strangely dim when serious family issues begin to swirl causing stress and expense e.g. remedial classes, counselling, lawyer fees etc.

2. Likelihood of disgrace / conviction / jail time

Despite the low detection and conviction rate for fraud and other white collar crime, the possibility still exist that one can be discovered and prosecuted leading to disgrace, conviction and jail time. Moreover the onerous and tedious process of defending oneself is very costly and will likely consume most of the benefits of ill gotten gains. Litigation also saps the energy of persons and puts severe stress and strain on families, marriages and business. The embarrassment of your children, family and friends seeing your image on the front page isn't worth it. No amount of money would be able to repair such damage.

3. Increased Risk related to Associating with Nefarious People

Engaging in corrupt activities requires the association with other corrupt people, which also places you and your family at risk. In many instances these persons either now or later will require their pound of flesh or their cut in the fullness of time. Moreover the sudden infusion of funds also attracts persons keen on relieving your of the said money either by blackmail, extortion, kidnapping, robbery or fraud.

4. Family Strife & Discontent

Sudden injections of easy money also fuels family disputes, envy and strife especially when an entitlement mentality abounds. Battles often ensue more so when wrong character is instilled in children and other family members. This get exacerbated when the person who swindled their way to funds passes away. Already fractured families with intense emotions festering beneath the surface lead to major fall outs between siblings and the like often resulting in long exhaustive legal battles. 

These seeds of discontent germinate and are likely to grow bigger as the larger the sum the more its worth fighting over especially when family had no part in earning it. Instant gratification as observed from supposed beneficiaries of the ill gotten gains was sadly passed on to the next of kin.

5. Poor Health and Lifestyle Choices

The advent of easy money also promotes poor health and lifestyle choices. Persons who do not earn their way to wealth many times exacerbate already poor health choices resulting in health complications stemming from deficient diet and exercise regimes. Ironically they are afforded more alcohol, smoking, lavish meals and overall luxurious lifestyles that promote heart disease, diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure and other health concerns. The ultimate results is usually pain, suffering, medical expenses and family stress. 

6. Miss-allocation of Personal and Business Resources

Frequently, businesses who receive large contracts due to political connectedness and skulduggery either choose to expand their operations or are required to do so because of the scale of the project. They therefore grow artificially large on the basis that similar contracts will be forthcoming, until they encounter the brutal fact that allegiances change, someone else pays a higher bribe or the political landscape changes. They are therefore left with expensive capital equipment, high overhead cost and interest payments when cushy contracts are no longer available.

They neglect the true cost of expansion and ownership of large or exotic private or business assets including regular interest, maintenance and insurance costs which eat away at previous gains.

7. Breeds Private Suspicion and Mistrust

Consider also that when persons engage in shenanigans they will engage in psychological  projection -a subconscious defence mechanism in which a person unconsciously reject his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons. This is reflexively done to reduce anxiety through displacement on others. They assume or presume everyone else is engaged in reprehensible behaviour to liberate themselves from their conscience or to justify unacceptable actions. Even family members and colleagues would be subject to such spill over effects thereby straining family. community and work relationships.

Ever notice that politicians frequently accuse others of engaging in corrupt activities? This is not a way to live a life of serenity and fulfilment.


Despite the obvious motivation of avoiding prosecution the above presents a compelling case  for avoiding corruption and immoral activity. Note also that even indulgence on a small scale leads to a propensity to engage in larger more serious crimes where the stakes are higher with greater risks. Integrity therefore remains the best way to ensure that earnings and wealth perform as a blessing rather than a curse. Only by prudence, patience and punctiliousness can true success and fulfilment be achieved. 


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  2. Thanks cuz one could envy those morally bankrupt persons undercutting all of over livelihoods. Now, not so much!


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