Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Compounding Effect of Your Self Investment

Excerpts From A Speech Delivered At St Joseph Boy's RC Primary School 2009 Graduation Ceremony - Themed Realizing Your Self-Worth

..... Good morning my dear teachers, parents, guests. It gives me great pleasure to share with you this morning my personal perspectives on realizing ones true self worth. 

I am fully convinced that we often times underestimate our true self worth since we do not consider or discount the direct or indirect impact our personal investments have on others. We are often times guilty of viewing the fruits of our own labour in terms of the direct impact on ourselves.

Therefore, we often times rationalise that if I study my work I will do well, I will come first, I will get that PS3, I will become a Doctor, I will make a lot of money. However, we fail to consider the positive decisions we make have far reaching implications in terms of its impact on others.

Consider if you do get that PS3 how many friends you could invite over to playing during the August holidays. Or better yet if you do become that doctor how many lives you could save!

I believe in assessing the impact on others we can truly observe our true self worth.

I refer to this concept as the Compounding Effect of your Self Investment
This concept is akin or similar to the compounding effect that applies to simple interest calculations in math. As you all know the impact of compounding greatly accelerates the rate at which your savings or investment grows.

Why is this? Because interest / returns build on previous savings and on re-investments made.

In the same way your continuous effort not only impacts you but greatly impacts others. In other words being that light in the darkness, that good example and doing the right thing is way more valuable than you might think.

A great example is the perceived individual success of our Olympic athletes who all made individual sacrifices of long hours of training and studying to be able to become the athletes they are today and ultimately inspire hundred of thousands of Trinbagonians. These are examples of one man’s individual investment bringing pride and joy to hundreds of thousands. 

I’m almost positive that all these athletes during their years of preparation studying and training had no idea that their hard work would ultimately impact their fellow country men world wide. Similarly I’m sure that the athletes' primary school and secondary school teachers didn’t think that at the time in being a good teacher, role model and mentor to each of them would ultimately contribute to success on such a grand scale. 

I think this highlights the truly invaluable contributions made by teachers, who should be congratulated –especially the ones at St Joseph Boys RC for continuing to produce such high quality young men. In no other profession is this compounding effect that I speak of more demonstrated.

Today you may be tempted to think that our athletes or other successful individuals are "extra-ordinary" individuals, while your hard work and efforts could never have such far reaching impact. I disagree!
Even if some of you don’t achieve an Olympic star status everyone one of you has the potential to make huge waves whether it be in leadership positions, as future fathers, professionals and mentors who will greatly serve others and be inspirations. And the persons you inspire will inspire others. Thereby triggering the compounding effect of your self investment.
There in lies your true self-worth!.....

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