Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Major Flaw of The Mainstream Media

Although the media provides definite value to the population; a person searching for truth and unbiased analysis cannot rely on mainstream sources alone as their source of information.

The main reason for this is that the media is beholden to its client's advertising dollars. For this reason media houses, especially ones who rely on advertising dollars for their survival must go along to get along.

The media therefore must be facilitative of its advertising clients whoever they may be; otherwise the specific media house could lose lucrative advertising opportunities now and in the future. 

Newspapers for example are unable to survive on just newspaper sales revenue and derives most of their income from newspaper ads. Major advertisers including corporate clients and government therefore wield tremendous power and influence over media houses and their published content. So important are advertisers in the media's business model that the media's audience is considered the product being offered to advertisers. Your readership and the details of your readership i.e.  your demographics are essentially packaged and sold to potential advertisers.
"You The Audience Are The Product..."
It is therefore in the interest of media houses to keep their most important customers happy. Consequently especially with regard to corporate clients you won't see any articles or reports berating commercial banks for example for squeezing their customers with high fees or offering low interest rates on deposits even while lending rates remain high. Why you should avoid credit cards or purchasing a new car or not selling your gold. Or even specific allegations of corruption in specific ministries as these clients will simply pull their ads from a media house "for not being cooperative." 

Though the media would want to give the impression that they remain impartial, in reality they are compromised by virtue of their business model which relies heavily on the patronage of advertising dollars. The government in particular takes advantage of this phenomenon and often uses these means as a way of covertly influencing the media. Classic examples are, completely unnecessary full page, coloured government ads, press releases, job posts, public service announcements or other general propaganda they pay exorbitant prices for.


Consumers particularly of mainstream news media are therefore advised to diversify their news diet and critically think and question their news content to better their chances of being adequately supplied with credible, accurate and unbiased news information. 

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