Monday, October 21, 2013

Party Financiers & Hierarchy Don't Have Noble Intentions of “Serving” The Public - Only Themselves.

According to recent reports, the minimum cost of political campaign public meeting was approximately $400,000. Other auxiliary costs, including advertising, food, drinks and hand-outs were also listed in the hundreds of thousands even in the build up for the less auspicious local government election cycle.

This phenomenon should be disturbing to citizens as campaigns represents a complete waste of T&T’s limited resources that adds no real value to society. Furthermore substantial sums of campaign funds are moneys syphoned away from the tax payer by virtue of state contracts (past and present) to political party financiers.

Even more fascinating is the demonstration of how much party financiers, faithful and the politically connected are willing to spend to weasel themselves or their confederates into the corridors of power. Surely such a substantial investment must yield a commensurate reward sadly, all at the expense of the tax payer.

One would be absurdly naïve to believe party financiers and senior party members have only noble intentions of “serving” the public, on the contrary their intentions are merely to serve themselves at your expense.

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