Monday, November 18, 2013

Tools, Fools, Mules and Pools of Government Bureaucrats

Another snake oil salesman has arrived peddling a quick fix to T&T's crime problem. First of all, it should be noted that among other reasons, the decline in crime rates in US cities during the tenure of the salesman was universal throughout all cities in the US that occurred as a delayed result of the Roe vs Wade decision in 1973 that reaffirmed a woman's right to abortion as a private decision. 

The decision ostensibly reduced the quantum of unwanted children being born who traditionally had a higher propensity to engage criminal activity in their adult years. 

Ironically what state officials neglect to realize is that the crime problem is actually fostered unknowingly by the state. 

  • The criminalization of drugs creates criminals out of recreational drug users who by using drugs only harm themselves. The war on drugs in turn propagates gun activity, gang activity, turf wars, prostitution, money laundering, government corruption etc 
  • The explosion of social services (welfare) that inadvertently serve to render fathers in the home redundant in favour of family dependence on government and government social programmes. The consequent breakdown in the family structure incubates children lacking discipline and guidance that should come from a present father and father lead family structure. A dependency syndrome and entitlement mentality is also inculcated. 
  • Vandalism, degradation of public spaces, littering and apathy abound due to the tragedy of the commons phenomenon where anything "public" or state owned be it state buildings, state lands, government services and facilities or the treasury for that matter are aggressively depleted by individuals, acting independently and rationally according to each one's self-interest. This type of behaviour occurs despite the fact that depleting the common resource is contrary to everyone's long-term best interests. The individual depleting the resource rationalises that if they don't deplete the resources for their own benefit someone else will.
Instead of looking for a silver bullet to solve a mostly state related crime problem they should rather be looking in the mirror to see how they themselves are culpable and complicit largely in fuelling criminality. 

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