Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Politicians Desperately Chase Degrees and Designations

Politicians in general are perpetually desperate throughout the life of their various careers especially outside of politics. Consequently they aggressively pursue tertiary level degrees and designations at all cost even if it requires falsifying credentials or circumventing course requirements. 

With few exceptions politicians pursue this course of action as they deem it absolutely necessary to scaffold their usual lacklustre professional careers outside of politics which they intuitively assesses to be deficient. These deficiencies are usually the reasons they resorted to politics in the first place as they tend to be unable to thrive in the free market. The degrees are therefore used as a professional crutch to obscure shortcomings.

One would think that after life in politics one should not be relying on fancy pieces of paper as validation of competence, but rather be citing tangible achievements and instances where value has been added. Unfortunately most add little to no value, consequently they cling anxiously to the life-raft that is academia with whom they already have a cosy relationship. The degree ultimately represents a ticket back into the revolving door of academia or the government apparatus.

For this and other reasons the intelligentsia / academia is very much beholden to the state who they depend on for funding, special projects and consultancy gigs, thus universities are usually complicit in facilitating their handlers' petitions.  

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