Monday, December 30, 2013

State Fraternization with Religious Organisations Troubling

As the state continues its quest to create dependency and expand its political influence they continue to resort to fraternizing with religious organisations and leaders. 

Although this is done and promoted as an altruistic gesture, this activity should be exposed for what it is  -veiled attempts to purchase political influence from religious groups and pacify dissent and opposition. 

These disbursements are in effect; a form of disguised bribery using tax dollars.  

Additionally, even though these government hand outs are tempting, religious leaders should be weary of accepting as they immediately become compromised in their ability to challenge, chastise and castigate the state when they inevitably engage in immoral behaviour. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Recent Decisions Related to Child Abuse Ill-advised

Government has expressed a desire to amend the Bail Act to deny bail to persons charged with sexual offences involving a child or young persons for 120 days. A hotline along with public service announcements were also forthcoming advising persons to "report all suspected child abuse incidents" so as to "Help save a child's life today."

The knee jerk reaction by the government to the tragic incident involving the sexual assault and murder of a young girl is very disturbing. Not only was it done without a proper analysis of the circumstances but the proposed policies would have done nothing to spare the young girl from this tragedy. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Government: The "saviour" That Fails

Individual crises abound on a daily basis and without fail the cry will undoubtedly be: "the government should do something"

Unfortunately, the population has been conditioned to believe that the institution that is government is primarily responsible for protecting them from life's challenges many of which are brought about by moral deficiencies in personal conduct.

Even when unexpected crises inevitably do occur rather than relying on faith, family and community, reliance is placed on the small "g" that is government. Not only is this dependency misplaced it spawns societal apathy since it becomes universally accepted that government should respond rather than individuals.  Even still; state responses are slow, clumsy, inefficient, expensive, inappropriate and normally only done to manufacture a photo opportunity.