Monday, December 2, 2013

Government: The "saviour" That Fails

Individual crises abound on a daily basis and without fail the cry will undoubtedly be: "the government should do something"

Unfortunately, the population has been conditioned to believe that the institution that is government is primarily responsible for protecting them from life's challenges many of which are brought about by moral deficiencies in personal conduct.

Even when unexpected crises inevitably do occur rather than relying on faith, family and community, reliance is placed on the small "g" that is government. Not only is this dependency misplaced it spawns societal apathy since it becomes universally accepted that government should respond rather than individuals.  Even still; state responses are slow, clumsy, inefficient, expensive, inappropriate and normally only done to manufacture a photo opportunity. 

Furthermore, acceptance of the state as the omnipotent who rescues from harm, danger, or loss fosters a dangerous moral hazard where persons engage in risky behaviour knowing that they will be protected against the full brunt of the repercussions. This erodes the universal principle of sowing and reaping, further accelerating moral decay. The only way morality can be encouraged in a society is by emphasizing and encouraging personal responsibility; even when unpleasant consequences result from poor life choices. 

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