Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Five Reasons Why The State Loves Carnival

Contrary to the state's narrative, the state's primary motivation in 'supporting' carnival is not to promote and preserve culture or T&T's historical heritage. 

The state apparatus is enamoured with Carnival because it serves their ulterior agenda of expanding the size and scope of their control over society ultimately for their personal benefit. 

1. It keeps the population ‘happy’, and distracted from peering at the state’s economic depredations, corruption and maleficence.

2. It severely undermines religious mores and traditional values that historically trump state overture and competes with the state as the sole and ultimate moral authority in society.

3. It encourages carnality, frivolity and moral depravity the main cause of poverty individually and as a society. This consequently fosters a larger class of persons dependent on the state

4. Provides another avenue through which the political class and the politically connected can be extended VIP treatment from which they derive substantive personal gratification. This almost always is at the expense of the taxpayer. The most obscene of these are ministries and state corporations purchasing all inclusive tickets to be doled out to inner circles.

5. Provides and easy avenue by which tax dollars can be easily doled out at the discretion of the state and their agencies with little accountability –either to line their own pockets or buy political and/or economic influence; while appearing benevolent with other people's money.

Although the above may depart from the allowable opinion in Trinidad & Tobago, as many consider the criticism of Carnival to be sacrilegious, an honest and sober analysis of T&T sociology and politics would confirm the true motivations of government.

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