Monday, March 17, 2014

T&T Medical Malpractice Problem a Function of Protected Monopoly Status Bestowed Upon The Medical Board

As a general rule whenever consumers face market abuse it is because they are forced to transact in a marketplace where the producer or service provider has an artificial advantage. The unfair advantages are never organic but are usually the result of government granted and enforced restrictions on consumer options. The Trinidad and Tobago medical care marketplace is a prime example of this.

The T&T Medical Board is responsible for licensing and enforcement. However only doctors that engage in activity that may embarrass the profession due to massive media attention can expect some sort of faux disciplinary action if any. All this is done only to show the public that the board is aggressive in enforcing its regulations, in protecting the public.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Securities (Amendment) Bill 2013 - Serves The Interest of The Established Investment Houses

The primary purpose of these new regulations are not to protect the investor rather they serve erect and maintain high barriers to entry into the securities market, thereby limiting competition for the established market participants. This is why these regulations are drafted only after extensive consultations with established players in the securities industry.