Monday, May 19, 2014

Five Useful Job Hunting Tips

Inspite of the job market becoming more and more competitive; universal, proven job search methods to land great opportunities remain. A job seeker would be well advised to incorporate the following strategies in their job search.

1. Identify 10 - 15 potential companies with all your preferred work characteristics. You should not be waiting until they advertise positions as this puts you at a severe disadvantage and increases the number of potential candidates you'd be in competition with. It should also be noted that most jobs are never even advertised.

2. Send a letter of introduction to each company identified. The letter of introduction will build name recognition during the short listing process.

3. Send cover letter and résumé -- one week after letter of introduction. The cover letter should be addressed to a specific decision maker. You can get this name online or you can politely call the company if you need to. 

4. Follow up with a phone call to get your name at the top of the pile; simply call to follow up on your application about one week later. Typically only 1 - 2% of applicants do this so this can give you the edge over other job seekers. 

5. When interacting with potential employers focus not on your academic qualifications or how great a person you are, rather emphasize how you will instantly add value to your employer; far over and above your likely compensation. Also provide real life examples of how you've added value in the past or how you intend to add value to the employer's business going forward.

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