Thursday, May 8, 2014

Seven Reasons For T&T's Declining Fertility Rate

In a recent article it was reported that T&T was experiencing a falling birth rate (currently 15.2 births per year per 1,000 people), equivalent only to the population replacement rate. 

Further, the Health Minister revealed that 34 per cent of T&T’s men have a low sperm count. Although plausible explanations were presented for this decline, including environmental pollution, obesity and diabetes -other lesser explored, yet compelling societal explanations abound.

1. The increasing number of women pursuing tertiary level education because of GATE are resulting in women delaying engaging in marriage and motherhood. As a result women are dedicating the most fertile years of their lives to academia only to render themselves "less fertile" after pursuing academic qualifications. Moreover, after investing tremendous time and effort on achieving academic qualification, many women are inclined and/or feel obligated to stedfastly pursue their careers at the expense of motherhood and family life. 

2. Even more unfortunate is that after a woman's earning potential increases their dating prospects become more limited as most women prefer dating and marrying men who earn more than they do. This phenomenon consequently stymies possibilities for male and female relationships.

3. Men are being emasculated and disenfranchised by the welfare state's incursion into family life which renders men redundant and/or unwanted

It should be noted that a man's sense of self worth and confidence is inextricably linked to his earning potential and his ability to be the substantive provider for his family. Consequently more men feel unnecessary or undesirable resulting in a supressed labido.

4. The percolation of homosexuality and metrosexuality via popular culture also conflates traditional gender roles and only serves to create men and women who are unwilling to commit to traditional relationships that foster companionship and stability; which result in children and families.   

5. Women are often cultured by feminist culture to behave adversarially towards men to combat supposedly a patriarchal system that oppresses women. This further undermines male and female relationships. 

6.The judicial and government systems in divorce and custody arrangements disproportionately discriminate against men by favoring women; often applying onerous child support payments and limited child custody rights to fathers. This serves to disincentivise men when considering marriage and childbearing. 

7. The rising cost of living caused by taxes and government created inflation via the Central Bank expansion of the money supply has forced families to rely on two income streams thereby forcing women with no other option but to enter the workforce even if they would prefer being a homemaker / fulltime mother. 

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  1. So true, i wish all those over independent women can truly understand and read your article,then they may understand why some men leave their beautiful independent wives for the maid!


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