Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Virtue In Giving Away Other People's Money

With the population inundated with government propaganda promoting supposed government "generosity" it becomes increasingly important to remind citizens that there is no virtue in giving away other people's money.

Consider the definition of the word "generosity": willingness and liberality in giving away one's money, time, etc

Note that politicians do not give of their own time or money, rather they tax Peter, line their pockets and pay Paul, while taking credit for paying Paul.

Although the populace has been conditioned to see politicians as altruistic, compassionate and caring one would be best served to re-calibrate one's perspective when witnessing another sod turning, ribbon cutting or hand out ceremony. 


  1. So how do the people make a difference? How do we get our elected officials to ACTUALLY work for us?

    1. As best as you can withdraw your consent. They treat you with disdain because they believe you have no choice but to accept it.

      Individually you should do everything in your power to deflate the mistaken belief that the state in its bloated corrupt form is necessary and legitimate. For without the tacit support of the state’s legitimacy, it could not engage in such wanton indecency.

      #1 Do not take them seriously, ignore them
      #2: Laugh at them
      #3: Don't vote
      #4: Limit the taxes you pay as best as you can
      #5: Become a self sufficient productive member of society
      #6: Be the change you want to see at the individual, family, neighbourhood, community level and marketplace
      #7: Share these ideas with others.


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