Friday, August 15, 2014

Seven Things You Should Do To Make A Difference in T&T

The Emperor has no clothes!
The size, scope and role of the T&T government is now so large and distorted that unless the state's role and expectations of the state are curbed continued moral and economic depravity will ensue unabated

For the more power mystically ascribed to government the more vulnerable the citizenry to abuse and perennial looting.

What can one do to combat this decomposition?

Individually you should do everything in your power to deflate the mistaken belief the state in its bloated corrupt form is necessary and legitimate. For without the tacit support of the state’s legitimacy, it could not engage in such wanton indecency. 

Rule #1: Do not take them seriously - just ignore them. Politicians and state institutions all say the same things, make the same promises but only serve the people to the extent it serves their political ambitions.

Rule #2: Laugh at and ridicule politicians, self important bureaucrats and their media cheerleaders (they hate this). By doing so you expose them as clowns so that other people also take them less seriously. 

Rule #3: Acknowledge the futility of the political processwhich at the end of the day only benefits the politically connected. 
There remains a simple reason why politicians, academics, the media and other politically connected establishments aggressively promote voting as a citizen’s civic duty – it validates the need for their existence and justifies their abuse of power and rulership over the masses.
Rule #4: Limit the taxes you pay as best as you can - For to the extent to which you pay taxes you are in turn complicit in funding the continued corruption, depravity and societal decay.

Rule #5: Become a self sufficient, productive member of society by serving your fellow man, so that your are not dependent on state handouts or empty promises. Dependence leads to desperation and manipulation by politicians.

Rule #6: Be the change you want to see in the country at the individual, family, neighbourhood, community level and marketplace. If you want to see more honesty -be individually honest and inculcate these values in your children, family, community etc. 

Rule #7: Share these ideas with others.

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