Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Public Sector - The Most Fertile Environment For Discrimination and Ineptitude

Although the government presents itself as a selfless crusader for justice, fairness and equality, it is the very institution most guilty within society of discrimination, nepotism and cronyism.

The above are the inherent features of the state for they do not exist in a competitive environment where decision making is based on performance and service to a paying customer who has an option to take their business elsewhere. Only competition ensures the consumer is best served by unbiased decision making, for biased decision making jeopardises owner's profitability. 

In the Tunapuna market for example, if a vendor decrees he would not be selling his tomatoes to persons of a certain political party he not only would be summarily hooted out the market; he would ultimately deprive himself of sales to a significant number of paying customers. 

On the other hand in a public sector environment there are no circumstances for poor decisions or intolerance as there is no threat of loss or insolvency. Therefore persons who are bigoted, have a political agenda or are racist can discriminate without penalty. 

For these reasons societies are best served limiting the number of goods and services offered by a state outfit and encouraging free and open competition to ensure consumers and the greater society are best served. 


  1. Do you think all state run utilities should be privatized?

    1. Yes.... don't believe what they tell you in government school that the private sector won't provide the utilities, hence the need for gov't.

      In an unencumbered market place entrepreneurs would sprout up ready and willing to provide service to would-be customers.


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