Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A "Political Solution": An Oxymoron

In the long run politicians and politics don’t produce “solutions” to any issue or problem. In fact, most major societal problems are as a result of government interference into family and social life in the first place. 

Be it government created inflation (money printing), taxes, corruption, welfare or the drug war, all serve to destroy the family and society.

Any government intervention ultimately produces arbitrary winners and losers, impositions, unintended consequences, corruption, cultural and racial animosity and destruction of voluntary market interactions and wealth. 

Unfortunately these incursions typically go on for generations, with one mistake on a societal level compounded by increased involvement leading to a perpetual downward spiral.

Even more disturbing is that government declared mandates are enforced by "public servants" in uniform holding firearms or the threat of being caged for years on end for non compliance.

The state’s capacity to rule on “issues” and “problems” should be vastly minimized and understood for what they really are. Sadly, the school system which the state has astutely monopolized conditions the masses to look to the government in vain for their ultimate redemption. 

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