Wednesday, December 24, 2014

20 Years in a Cage for Possessing Forbidden Plants

According to a recent report an accused, 62-year-old Dennis Sandy alias ‘Bow’ of Lowkie Trace, Penal was ordered to serve a 20 year prison term after being found guilty of trafficking marijuana in 2007 — four bags — with a street value of $.5 million.

Justice Rampersad justified his sentence on the grounds that the judiciary must send a clear and unambiguous message to persons of like mind, that marijuana trafficking is detrimental to society.

What the Justice has failed to realize is that is by his very judgement he has all but destroyed Mr. Sandy's life, and severely damaged his immediate family; while at the same time placed a further premium on the price of marijuana, thereby making the drug trade even more lucrative and attractive.

The fact remains the state's attempts to criminalize narcotics increases the price which consequently benefits producers and serves to bankroll crime, gang activity and corruption. 

Meanwhile persons or government ministers intent on getting their hands on the drugs for personal use, get it regardless and ultimately pose a threat to no one but themselves. 

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  1. The sentence is terrible I think but the final comments are just as is to be followed and we go the straight path for a reason...all humans have a good and a bad...we can go on an on....follow the law and the "probability" of jail is reduced significantly


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