Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trinidad & Tobago's Distraction of the Week: Bullying in Schools

Trinidad and Tobago's most recent distraction of the week is the "bullying epidemic" in schools. There should be no surprise that violence and indiscipline in schools are on the rise as a result of decades of failed government education / social policy including but not limited to:
  • The removal of corporal punishment in schools for political reasons.  
  • Political pandering to the Trinidad & Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) that ensures there is no accountability or repercussions for teacher non performance.
  • The dwindling number of male teachers and administrators -who because they are primary breadwinners will not consider teacher as a financially viable occupation due to the rising cost of living caused by bureaucracy, taxes and government created inflation via the Central Bank expansion of the money supply.
  • The rendering of fathers in some homes redundant as a result of extensive public assistance options geared towards single mothers and women in general. 
Naturally our overlords have assured us that they will arrest the situation and that "steps will be taken to curb school violence and bullying." Ironically the political culprits are now requesting that "parents and teachers partner with the Government to work together for the schools to become a safer place for children". 

After all is said and done here's what you can expect. 
  • There will be expensive consultants and lawyers (friends) hired to draft reports, policy and legislation
  • Committees will be set up do to give mealy-mouthed press conferences and statements 
  • Special interest lobbying groups in particular will push for certain classes of students to be identified as more vulnerable to bullying, e.g. homosexual students, disabled etc 
  • Anti-bullying legislation will be enacted adding more layers of bureaucracy probably requiring schools to report regularly incident details to the Ministry of Education. 
  • The definition of bullying will likely be expanded beyond physical aggression or threats of physical aggression, to name-calling, "cyberbullying", teasing or politically incorrect statements.  
The ultimate result would be no improved improvement in the current state of affairs, schools further  bogged down in bureaucracy and increased government discretion over school and societal affairs. 

Meanwhile, students will be further conditioned to be thin-skinned, disarmed, passive victims relying on big brother government as their ultimate protector.               

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