Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Acquiring A Home in T&T - 35 Tips, Tools and Tricks

Acquiring a personal residence in Trinidad and Tobago especially for the young and middle aged working class is not easy -but not impossible

As I've outlined before the state is the primary culprit making home ownership cost prohibitive by indiscriminately expanding the money supply (money printing) thereby causing inflation. The state also limits the supply of new homes via a burdensome regulatory bureaucracy (Town & Country etc) . 

That being said you can refuse to be a victim of state oppression by adopting lifestyle habits that will offer you a better opportunity at financial independence and success. So called leaders will tout a government "solution", but be forewarned this is an oxymoron. On the contrary a politician does not offer independence and autonomy; rather he seeks to create dependency and reliance to secure political control. 

At the risk of being politically incorrect and offending people in society who are believed to have a disadvantage here are some quick tips that will help you on your journey to home ownership and/or financial success.

  1. Don't do drugs
  2. Don't engage in high risk sexual activity 
  3. Avoid becoming a single mother / father
  4. Don't chase women / men (they deplete your resources)
  5. Get married, settle down - two incomes can achieve more than just one
  6. Avoid gambling even on a small level - play whe, casinos etc
  7. Cut out alcoholic consumption
  8. Don't smoke
  9. Stay in school / get an education / read.
  10. Don't squander resources on carnival fetes or parties
  11. Don't take out consumer loans for appliances, vacations etc
  12. Avoid blowing money on electronics / shopping online
  13. Don't play carnival
  14. Carry your own lunch to work ...Stop eating out....
  15. Avoid spending excessively on cell phones / phone calls / data ....
  16. Cut out excessive spending on party clothes / shoes.
  17. Buy your produce in the market instead of the grocery
  18. Avoid spending thousands on rims and car accessories
  19. Get rid of your credit card(s) they cause you to spend more
  20. Stop regularly eating out at restaurants
  21. Don't buy expensive brand name clothes for yourself / your children
  22. Don't buy a new car -buy a used car
  23. Don't buy a 56'' TV or new TVs for multiple rooms
  24. Cancel the premium cable packages
  25. Foster a pleasant environment at home 
  26. Enjoy being at home engage in home based activities that are fun and engaging
  27. As far as possible do your house chores yourself.
  28. Be honest 
  29. Work hard 
  30. Don't settle for CEPEP / URP / OJT or an entry level government job
  31. Try working in the private sector 
  32. Start a business
  33. Do a budget every month
  34. Save you're money! - for when a great opportunity comes it is too late to start saving.
  35. Examine the newspaper classifieds meticulously and religiously  (bargains are often found there)  
Although this list can go on an on decide not to accept victim status. Keep in mind success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

Save your money, buy land even if its not in your dream location; save again and build bit by bit, slowly but surely you'll get there. Don't sit around waiting on HDC you can save and sacrifice on your own. By starting off small, being frugal and industrious you can still secure homeownership.


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