Friday, May 15, 2015

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Politician?

Why would any private citizen want to become a politician? Many current and aspiring politicians are qualified professionals, with at least average ability to earn a living in the marketplace; often higher than a ministerial salary. 

Their names and families are / will be frequently slandered in the news media and they endure microscopic scrutiny by the public. Yet many voluntarily and eagerly put their feet towards the fire. Are these politicians or potential candidates so altruistic and sacrificial in nature? Do they somehow possess an innate insatiable desire to seek the public interest? 

Note well that what drives the politician or aspiring politician more often than not is the lust for power, what Saint Augustine called the "Libido Dominandi". The deep desire to exercise power, the lust to rule and dominate others or an innate arrogance to mandate how others should live their lives. This desire even supersedes the inconveniences and costs associated with becoming a politician. Of course the ability to personally siphon away millions of taxpayer dollars makes the inherent inconveniences of political life worth well it. 

Even more unfortunate is that the nature of the political game ensures that the least virtuous are distilled from society and thrusted into political leadership. For persons who disregard morals, ethics and honesty thrive in a political environment -because they are willing to say or do anything to further their political careers or to further their ideological yearnings.

Further compounding phenomenon is the fact that persons who may have a genuine desire to lead with honesty and integrity would not find themselves in such a toxic environment, therefore the political pool of least desirable people becomes concentrated over time.

The sooner citizens acknowledge the anatomy of the state and its members the less likely they are fall prey to chronic state abuse and exploitation.


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