Monday, June 15, 2015

Trinidad and Tobago's Foreign Exchange Shortage Not Just Bad for Business - It's Worse For Individuals

Everyone agrees the shortage of foreign exchange is bad for business. It limits the ability of the business community to purchase imports which are in turn offered for sale locally. 

While the Central Bank of T&T issues regular press releases of how much $US it has pumped into the system; individuals not connected politically or to the commercial banks don't have access to these injections.

Its obvious, that given the severe declines in energy production and consequent declines in exports ($US earnings) there will be increasing scarcity of US dollars locally. This, coupled with the fact that the T&T government continues to flood the economy with newly minted $TT to fund social programmes 
means the $TT is losing value rapidly. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

These 19 passports (T&T's included) will be a lot more valuable on July 1st

by Simon Black

That last one is a major issue, because travel is a huge opportunity.

It seems strange that a complete accident of birth has such a massive impact on someone’s life.

We don’t get to control where we’re born. It’s a fluke really. Yet as soon as we come into this world a particular nationality is thrust upon us like a birthmark that stays with us for life.

Our nationality dictates so many things throughout our life.