Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Truth About the Trinidad and Tobago Economy

The Trinidad and Tobago economy is spiralling downward; and while the government of the day attempts to arrest the situation they fail to fully grasp the real cause of our anemia. 

At the core of our economic deficiency is not low energy prices. This is tantamount to an over weight person commenting that the cause of their obesity is high caloric food. No. The cause of your obesity is your indiscipline and lack of self restraint -as politically incorrect as it may sound. In other words behaviour and character flaws of the person or country in question must be identified not exogenous factors. 

Trinidad and Tobago has a simple problem which is not being identified by politicians, bureaucrats and intellectuals who all feed at the TTTT the Trinidad & Tobago Treasury Trough in some form or fashion and have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. 

Simply put the current size of the bloated Trinidad and Tobago government cannot be sustained. A greater and greater segment of the population is not concerned about serving his fellow man in the marketplace. Instead he has be conditioned to work for government (usually adding little to no value), seek a hand out from government and depend on government for basic amenities. 

The ones with a vested interest will hasten to squeal: "the population cannot afford medical care, utilities, housing, food, transport, education" but some how T&T can afford medical care, utilities, housing, food, transport, education and an inefficient government to administer it.

Even the $US shortage is a result of the T&T Central Bank that printed too much $TT to fund government thereby devaluing the $TT as discussed here.
The symptoms of government largesse are only now in plain view as the economic tides have gone out. In reality the government is a tolerated parasitic entity living off its host - private individuals and enterprise. When the host is shrinking economically the parasite should not seek to draw more blood from an already struggling victim, for both will die.

Instead of the Ministry of Finance licking its lips and asking where can they confiscate more of the private sectors hard earned money they should be looking in the mirror and making deep 1980's style cuts and adjustments to the behemoth that is the T&T government and accept the political consequences. 

Its time for the the parasite to shrink its diet.

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