Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Anaemic T&T Economy Suffering Under Bloated Government

Trinidad & Tobago's economic troubles are simple. There are too many people ridding in the wagon and not enough people pulling the wagon. Of course the ones ridding in the wagon are the politicians, the politically connected, government contractors, "public servants" etc who consume resources but not produce. 

Even worse are the bureaucrats who further drag down the economy by impeding productive citizens via rules, regulations and policies they dream up. In years past the largesse could have continued fairly unnoticed; however now that the country's resources have become ever more scarce the the problems are becoming even more glaring. 

Looking for "additional sources of government revenue" is not the solution; rather reducing the parasitic nature of state is the appropriate and moral option. 


  1. Very valid points but fixing the problem would mean mass layoffs and divesting TSTT T&TEC WASA etc...and that would be political suicide. Which gov't would willingly do that?

    1. Its the bitter tasting medicine we'll have to swallow. If we don't take it voluntarily it will be "forced fed" to us.

    2. What percent of the Gov't workforce would you estimate need retrenchment? between 25-50%

  2. I understand that this way of doing things did work but in the opinion of many that old industrial age system is now broken.
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