Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trinidad & Tobago Doesn't Need A Public Sector Wage Freeze - It Needs Public Sector Wage Cuts. STAT!

If the state doesn't quickly awaken to this reality the entire country will experience perpetual collective wage cuts via further devaluation of the $TT that will be even more painful and protracted.

The thousands of "public servants" who quite frankly do not add value need to be immediately released into the private sector to serve and add value to their fellow citizens in a meaningful way. An added benefit of the above would be that the collective work ethic in Trinidad and Tobago would improve

Apart from currency devaluation if T&T doesn't get its act together and pursues IMF financing and its consequent conditionalities the IMF will come in and publicly "dress us down". We should get our house in order rather than have the forex market and the IMF do it for us. 


  1. I'm not sure if just cuts would be good unless gov't sets up some kind of incentives for entrepreneurship. Not everybody is meant to work for the private sector.the private sector in this country also are notorious for not paying employees well. Double edge sword

    1. Workers in the long run are paid according to how much value they bring to the market place.

      If a worker is not being paid well it's incumbent upon him to find another job or increases is skills i.e. find ways to add great value to his customer (his employer).

      No one should be entitled to a "well paying" job.

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